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Getting started - search forms

Multiple collection searching allows you to compose several types of searches and to be selective about what collections or areas of a work to search.

The parts of a search form
There are three main components to most of the search forms: the collection filters, the collection list, and the query form. To use them all, follow the steps shown in the following example:

1.   Query form
The query form is the only mandatory part of any search. By default, a boolean search is offered (as shown here). Enter a term or phrase in the box or boxes, and click the "search checked collections" button to submit the query.
There are various ways to restrict your search to a specific part of the texts: for each term individually with a pull-down menu on the right of the box, or for the whole search with the pull-down menu 'restrict to component part'.

For more tips on entering query terms, see searching tips. See also searching within regions for more on restricting your search, and choosing a search type for an overview of the other search types.
2.   Collection list
The collection list is below the query form; it shows all the collections that are available for searching. To add a collection to your search, check the box next to it. When you select values in the collection filters, collections that match the filter values are automatically checked; those that do not match are unchecked. You can check or uncheck additional collections after using the filters to further restrict your search.

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