Quotidian 2 (December 2010)Flora Illes; Theo Meder: Anansi comes to Holland

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Flora Illes (1983) is a PhD student in Dutch Culture and Literature at the Eotvos University in Budapest, Hungary. Her main interests are fairy tales and folktales in the Netherlands and in Hungary. She is working on a dissertation about the cultural values of folk narratives for the Caribbean migrant groups in Holland. She has a Master’s degree in Dutch Studies from the University of Leiden and worked as a trainee for the Dutch Folktale Database at the Meertens Instituut.

Address: Eotvos Lorand University, Department of Dutch Studies, Rakoczi ut 5, 1088, Budapest, Hungary

Email: flora_illes@hotmail.com

Theo Meder (1960) studied Dutch language and literature, worked at the university of Leiden as a researcher in Middle Dutch literature, and has been a folk narrative researcher at the Meertens Instituut since 1994. He is coordinator of the Dutch Folktale Database (www.verhalenbank.nl) that came online in 2004. Meder wrote several books on historical and modern folktales in the Netherlands, and wrote entries for the Enzyklopädie des Märchens and The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales & Fairy Tales. He published in international journals like Western Folklore, Humor and Fabula. He recently published Verhalen van Stad en Streek: Sagen en Legenden in Nederland along with Willem de Blécourt, Ruben A. Koman and Jurjen van der Kooi.

Address: Meertens Instituut, DOC Volksverhaal, P.O. Box 94264, 1090 GG Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Email: Theo.Meder@Meertens.knaw.nl