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Quotidian 2 (December 2010)

Introduction discussion

Collecting the contemporary in the imagined city


One of the aims of Quotidian is to stimulate discussion between academia and the wider field of culture. We believe that much is to be gained from this cross-pollination between theory and practice. Therefore, we are delighted to present the first discussion article in Quotidian.

In this volume, the discussion centres around the article Collecting the contemporary in the imagined city, in which one of the editors, and cultural scientist, Stijn Reijnders analyses the transformation of museums from traditional centres of knowledge to open, audience-centred institutions. This article was first presented at the City Museums on the Move Conference in Liverpool, 2010. Reijnders comes up with some strategies to deal with the problems attached to this shift. Three responses follow: from Jacques Börgers (Head of the department of Communication & Education of the Historical Museum Rotterdam), Thomas Bloch Ravn (director Den Gamle By, National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture, Aarhus, Denmark) and Pieter-Matthijs Gijsbers (director The Netherlands Open Air Museum, Arnhem). They respond to Reijnders article by outlining and comparing the strategies they have adopted for their own museums on contemporary and everyday culture.